World in a Brainstorm

2023 Forum | 12 - 14 May 2023

How can brain and behavioural science research impact your community for good?

DADAA, Fremantle, Western Australia and online


We’re meeting to collectively inspire curiosity and innovative research around the brain, to advance the future state of mental illness in our communities.

Mental illness is insidiously pervasive, yet as individuals and communities at all levels, we are still wrestling with how to manage this challenge. It is only with a holistic perspective through research and relationship that we can hope to progress treatments and address stigma and self-stigma.We need to break down the silos and cross-pollinate ideas between not just researchers, but with People with Lived EXperience of mental illness (PLEX). They have most to benefit and need to have a real voice that gives a far deeper perspective to the science. The community too needs to demand more to change the tide. It’s why we need you!

Join world-class researchers, PLEX and anyone who’s curious to brainstorm.

The World in a Brainstorm | Main Programme features cutting-edge brain & behavioural science research presented by world-class researchers, and explorations of the importance of the involvement of people with lived experience of mental illness (PLEX) in research. This includes highlights of the unique M4M=SYNERGIES approach to consumer and community involvement.
Delegates will have the opportunity to actively participate in the sharing of technical and experiential knowledge that can spark the brainstorm of innovative ideas.

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  • Brainstorm buffet lunch and refreshments.
  • Meeting Hall access on the nominated day (no need to register) and
  • All Forum session recordings after the event

Join the Brainstorm from anywhere: The World in a Brainstorm | Virtual Programme features the same programme as our Main Programme, only online, while still giving you the opportunity to interact with the speakers and participate in the live Q+A sessions.

Cutting-edge brain & behavioural science research will be presented by world-class researchers, alongside explorations of the importance of the involvement of people with lived experience of mental illness (PLEX) in research.   This includes highlights of the unique M4M=SYNERGIES approach to consumer and community involvement.

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  • Access to all Forum session recordings after the event

Explore innovative research and sometimes challenging questions around the brain and its links with mental illness, through informal group conversations by the fireplace with researchers and practitioners. Take time to hear the stories of People with Lived EXperience of mental illness (PLEX) or share your own.  

It’s about being curious and making connections – with people and ideas.

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  • Morning and afternoon tea

  • Access to all Forum session recordings after the event

* Brainstorm buffet lunch available for purchase at an additional cost.

Speaker Highlights

Christian Angermayer

Founder – Apeiron Investment Group

Serial entrepreneur, investor and founder of atai Life Sciences focused on investigating the potential for psychedelic compounds as approved medical treatments for mental health issues.

Professor Emeritus Geoff Gallop

Professor – Graduate School of Government – University of Sydney, Australia

An advisor in public policy and governance, who as former Premier of Western Australia publicly declared his challenges in living with mental illness and continues to advocate for improvements to the Australian mental health care system.

Emeritus Professor Alan Harvey

Professor – School of Human Sciences Conservatorium of Music –  University of Western Australia

Holding an unusual combination of honorary research positions aligned with neurological medical research and the UWA Conservatorium of Music, Alan is a believer in the power of music to promote trust, altruism and cooperative behaviour.

Professor Ian Hickie

Professor of Psychiatry NHMRC Snr Principal Research Fellow & Co-Director, Brain and Mind Centre – University of Sydney, Australia

A long-term advocate for advancement in the provision of mental health care, Ian is an internationally renowned researcher in clinical psychiatry, with particular reference to medical aspects of common mood disorders. Hear about his work developing real-time personalized and measurement-based care systems for use in partnership with young people and their families.

Professor Isabelle Mansuy

Professor of Neuroepigenetics, Centre for Neuroscience –  University of Zürich, Switzerland

Known for her work on the mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance in relation to childhood trauma, Isabelle will discuss how life experiences involving trauma alter mental and physical health in exposed individuals and their descendants.

Professor Rony Paz

Manya Igel Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Brain Sciences – Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Rony investigates the dynamics of neural codes that underlie learning and memory formation, deriving simplified models for pathologies that arise from abnormalities in the neural code including post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD), mood and anxiety disorders.

Professor Norman Sartorius

President – Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes

A wealth of experience and knowledge is available to you in an open Q&A with former Director of the Division of Mental Health at the World Health Organisation and President of the World Psychiatric Association who continues to hold professorial appointments at the universities of London, Prague and Zagreb, as well as in the US and China.

Professor Emeritus Hermona Soreq

Professor of Molecular Neurobiology, The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences – The Hebrew University, Israel

The winner of the 2022 Israeli Prime Minister’s EMET prize in Neuroscience will present a thought provoking interest in the difference in regulation of urgent responses in men and women’s brains.

Interactive Highlights

Drumbeat Therapy

A structured learning experience based on music, psychology and neurobiology encouraging reconnection with ourselves and others.

M4M = Synergies

Meeting for Minds presents M4M=SYNERGIES for face-to-face delegates and Café Scientifique for virtual delegates to experience the M4M approach to partnering with PLEX.

Community Panel Discussion

Featuring representatives of community services, philanthropy and government as well as researchers and PLEX exploring the question:

How can brain and behavioural science impact the community for good?

Other Events

Cocktails with Prof Norman Sartorius

Norman has stated that "The stigma attached to mental illness is the greatest obstacle to the improvement of the lives of people with mental illness". A long-time supporter of Meeting for Minds you are invited to an open Q&A with this renowned psychiatrist.

Communicating Science

Learn from one of Australia's premier performing arts academies how best to engage your audience when communicating your research in this interactive workshop.


Available to Perth based research students and early career researchers onsite.

Creating Connections Workshop

A pre-conference Science Communication Workshop from the Alan Alda Centre for Communicating Science, a collaboration between Alan Alda, star of the TV series Mash, and Stony Brook University, USA. Learn how to best present and engage your audience.


Available to international research students and early career researchers online only.

Brainstorm Menus

Restaurants across Australia and the world will compose recipes for our mental health. Learn about the impact of food on your brain, the science behind it and start a conversation at your table.

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DADAA, Fremantle, Western Australia and online


12 - 14 May 2023

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