The Phillipe & Maria Halphen Foundation


The Philippe & Maria Halphen Foundation’s long-term goal is to improve the understanding of the human brain, in both health and disease. It will do this by fostering and facilitating ongoing collaborative research into mental health, to hasten the successful translation of new discoveries into innovative and effective treatments and therapies.


The Philippe & Maria Halphen Foundation is dedicated to growing genuine communication between all those with a stake in mental health – researchers, clinicians, those with lived experience of mental illness and like minded foundations.

Education & Awareness

The Philippe & Maria Halphen Foundation is committed to the eradication of the stigma that surrounds mental illness. This debilitating stigma will only ever pass if we as a community participate in growing the understanding that mental ill-health is no different to physical ill-health. In this respect, neuroscientist and clinicians have a profound understanding of the complexity of the human brain who can help reduce the stigma of mental illness.

2019 French Academy of Science Award

2022 Winner of the P&MH prize

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