We want mental health to be better understood. Through our work, we explore what it means to be an expert, valuing lived experience as well as professional practice and research skills.

We involve people with lived experience of mental health issues and mental healthcare in research – as advisors, researchers and leaders. This is often as paid members of research advisory groups or as co-applicants on studies, public involvement coordinators and peer researchers. We collaborate with universities, charity partners and commercial partners, working with people and organisations who share our values and vision. 

We want to work with others to bring about more inclusive research that better meets the needs of communities everywhere. The result is more relevant and impactful mental health research.


The Agency Project: How do we give young people agency in their mental health?

The Agency project explores young people’s sense of agency during mental health interactions. Our podcast explores what we learned for the young people involved in the project. These findings could help practitioners during their encounters with young people

Evaluating pilot maternal mental health services

Our evaluation does a deep dive into the experiences of setting up, delivering and engaging with the services designed for those who have faced mental health challenges during the maternity period.


Why does mental health research matter?

Lived experience researchers in mental health

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