Future Generation

Future Generation offers a unique opportunity to invest with leading Australian and global fund managers, while supporting youth-focused not-for-profit organisations.

Future Generation Australia (ASX: FGX) and Future Generation Global (ASX: FGG) are the first listed investment companies in Australia to deliver both investment and social returns. We have two objectives:

  • to provide a steady stream of fully franked dividends and capital growth to investors by giving them unparalleled exposure to leading fund managers and
  • to deliver critical funding to not-for-profit organisations working to improve the lives of young Australians.

FGX and FGG were founded by prominent Australian fund manager Geoff Wilson AO in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Today FGX has more than $500 million invested in Australian equities, managed by 18 leading fund managers. FGG has more than $500 million invested in global equities, managed by 15 top fund managers.

Because these fund managers do not charge management or performance fees, the Future Generation companies can donate 1.0% of our net tangible assets to carefully selected not-for-profit partners each year. FGX supports not-for-profits working with children and youth at risk, while FGG funds charities that promote wellbeing and prevent mental ill-health in young Australians.

To date, the Future Generation companies have donated $65.2 million, making us one of Australia’s Top 30 Corporate Philanthropists.[1] . This has been made possible through the generosity of our fund managers, service providers, Board Directors and Investment Committee members, all of whom waive their usual fees.

[1] https://www.afr.com/work-and-careers/leaders/thankyou-group-donates-more-than-suncorp-brambles-qbe-and-mirvac-20211125-p59caf)

Future Generation Global: Investing in youth wellbeing and mental ill-health prevention

Since Future Generation Global was established in 2015, we have donated $32.6 million to social impact partners focused on youth mental health, making us one of the largest private funders in the space.

In mid-2020, Future Generation Global embarked on a review of our social investment strategy. Conscious of the growing demand for support from young people and calls for major reform of the mental health sector, we felt compelled to optimise the impact of our donations.

The Board decided to direct our social investment into prevention and wellbeing – an area that has been largely neglected in mental health policy.

Combined, Australian governments spend only around 1 per cent of their mental health budgets on prevention. 2  We sought to identify a portfolio of prevention-focused partners that could help transform mental health and wellbeing with young people and in August 2022, Future Generation Global announced 14 new social impact partners which were selected after an 18-month review into FGG’s social investment strategy.

[2] Prevention United

Future Generation Global has a national footprint, with 36.0% of partners based in regional areas. Partners also represent a spread across the mental health prevention spectrum. Their offerings range from universal prevention (which targets all young people), to selective prevention (targeting those at higher risk of developing mental ill-health) and indicated prevention (targeting young people already showing early signs of mental ill-health).


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