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Eating for your mental health

Chocolate protects your neurons

But skip the milk and white chocolate and stick with the dark chocolate that’s high in flavinoids.

Your brain is like an expensive car

It functions best when it gets only premium fuel. Quality foods containing lots of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants nourish the brain & protect it from stress.

Good Food, Good Mood

Following a healthy, traditional diet, such as Mediterranean, Scandinavian, or Japanese, is associated with a reduced risk of depression and anxiety.

Baby Brain

What mum eats during pregnancy has an impact on a child’s genes related to mental health.

Gut-brain super highway

Our guts and our brains talk to each other via the gutbrain axis with gut bacteria having power over our mood.

Best foods for your mood

Spices (particularly turmeric and saffron), fermented foods, dark chocolate, avocados, fish rich in Omega 3s such as salmon.