The ALIVE National Centre for Mental Health Research Translation

The ALIVE National Centre for Mental Health Research Translation operates as a networked model across 16 Australian University partners to:

  • Embed preventive models of care across the life course that address structural barriers to care and identify community levers for change
  • Address unmet physical health needs in priority populations by implementation of community-led, tailored models of care
  • Foster the next generation of mental health research leaders including providing tailored pathways for lived-experience researchers and lived-experience led research
  • Implement mental health care at-scale using experience co-design

The ALIVE National Lived-Experience Research Collective

The Lived-Experience Research Collective provides opportunities for mental health researchers with lived-experience (both individuals who identify as experiencing mental-ill health and carer/family researchers), lived-experience and carer/family researchers in community or government organisations and people who partner for co-design and co-production with lived-expertise to find tailored mentor programs, training opportunities and a place to grow expertise.


Diversity Within Lived-Experience in Co-Design

The Long Conversation on Crowdsourcing Space

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